With us, Product & Service based companies get their Favourite Product Designers, Frontend & Backend Engineers whenever they need them in half the cost they would pay in house.

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Product UI/UX Designing, Frontend & Backend Engineering as a Service.

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About Ciphers Lab
Welcome to Ciphers Lab – Your Gateway to Exceptional Digital Experiences!
At Ciphers Lab, we are not just a digital product agency; we are architects of innovation, creators of seamless user experiences, and pioneers in transforming ideas into reality. Nestled in the vibrant landscape of Florida, USA, we stand as a beacon of excellence, offering premium UI/UX Designing, Full Stack Development, E-commerce Development, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Product Development Services that redefine the digital realm.[…Read More]

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Our seasoned web development team transforms complex business structures into user-friendly online solutions. With expertise in UI/UX design and SaaS products, we're poised to elevate your business game.
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Mobile Apps

We craft scalable, engaging, personalized apps delivering value. Our team engineers elegant innovations, leveraging robust technologies. Unsure of your app needs? Contact Us for top-tier Android & iOS development services tailored to you.
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UI/UX Designing

UI/UX design merges UI's visual layout and aesthetics with UX's usability and functionality for engaging digital experiences. It ensures seamless navigation, effortless information finding, and visually appealing interfaces, enhancing user satisfaction.
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E-Commerce Website

Rely on our UX experts and developers to optimize your website for eCommerce success. Proficient in Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, we craft user-centric builds, ensuring your site looks great and works seamlessly for increased sales.
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Artificial Intelligence

Empower your business with Ciphers Lab's AI service. Our experts leverage cutting-edge AI technologies to tailor solutions for your specific needs. From machine learning to natural language processing, we're here to drive your success forward.
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Data Solutions

Elevate your business with Ciphers Lab's data solutions. Our tailored approaches harness data's power, offering insights that drive informed decisions. From data analysis to predictive modeling, we're committed to optimizing your strategies.
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Our Work
The Nexed

Nexed – Empower Learning, Unleash Potential

Revolutionizing education with AI. For educators, intuitive tools deliver personalized learning experiences. Students benefit from interactive features and global collaboration. NexEd transcends boundaries, empowering organizations with advanced analytics. Join us for a smarter, more collaborative learning journey.
The Nexed

Botnide – Food Ordering ChatBot

Botnide provides Facebook chatbot solutions for automating food orders with the additional ability to take customer orders without human interaction.It enables users to build menus on their own. Provides real-time status change, order tracking solutions, and Al-based analytics.

Sellker – Launch Your Online Store in 30 Seconds

Sellker is SAAS based e-commerce enabling platform. It allows anyone to easily set up an e-commerce store. Our platform offers users inventory management and marketing tools, as well as detailed reports on store performance and automatic invoices for orders, which enables e-commerce merchants to set up, maintain, and increase sales through their stores without any commissions.

Foodzza – Best Place for Foodies

Foodzza provides a better way for Foodies to fulfill their Food desire. Foodzza provides Food Delivery, Take Away, Restaurant Reservations, and E-Menu for restaurants. Foodzza E-Menu will replace the menu culture of the restaurant. Using Foodzza users will now directly order from the interactive menu on their mobile and a waiter will only be used to serve the order.
Ecole Lite

École Lite – Increasing School Bounding’s.

Redefining the education system through technology makes your school competitive in an expanding world of technology. We are trying to bridge the gap between parents and schools using technology.
École Lite
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Our service models are designed for both simplicity and adaptability. We are committed to delivering quality work within the specified timeline for all our projects, whether you choose our dedicated resource/team option or our one-off project service, which includes both development and design.


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Dedicated Resource/Team containing:

🚀 Project Manager
🚀 Full Stack Developers (Frontend & Backend)
🚀 Quality Assurance
🚀 UI/UX Designers
🚀 DevOps
Multiple Projects
Real-time Collaboration on Slack / Microsoft Teams
Daily Updates
No contracts – Pause or cancel anytime


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