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AI Consulting

Successfully navigating the AI terrain entails more than merely grasping the technology; it necessitates a deliberate, strategic method to pinpointing and ranking use cases, recognizing the significance of data integrity, formulating an ROI, and comprehending the potential hazards linked with AI implementation, all while addressing ethical and governance concerns related to deploying generative AI.

AI Product Development

We assist companies in advancing beyond the proof-of-concept phase to expand their AI transformation and achieve their ROI objectives. As a reliable end-to-end engineering collaborator, we provide services such as design and data strategy, architecture and development, rapid engineering, solutions, and quality assurance.

AI Agile Teams

Our team comprises seasoned data scientists, data engineers, DevOps specialists, QA testers, AI consultants, UI/UX designers, and Project Managers who have consistently innovated clients' data and AI applications by providing customized, comprehensive AI solutions across various industries. Leveraging agile methodologies, our teams can expand and expedite your engineering capabilities. We have agile team members situated Offshore, Nearshore, and Onshore to meet your business requirements effectively.
AI Launchpad

Zero to POC in 90-days

Our AI launchpad initiative is crafted to support you in refining your AI vision and discovering the exact applications and methodologies for incorporating AI solutions into your business needs. Our AI consulting squads streamline the journey from concept to proof-of-concept within a span of 90 days.

Here’s how we assist you:

  • Assess the relevance of our AI services to your business
  • Define a focused set of AI applications
  • Design user experiences and operational workflows
  • Establish reference architecture and choose appropriate AI models
  • Determine data origins, train models, and establish risk mitigation measures
  • Outline a roadmap for complete implementation
  • Present a functional prototype

AI Capabilities

Natural Language Processing

NLP offers a versatile solution to optimize processes and enrich interactions such as sentiment analysis, information retrieval, and multilingual content moderation.

Computer Vision

Utilizing sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to boost capabilities in image and video analysis across various domains including automated inspection, image analysis, medical diagnostics, biometric identification, sentiment analysis, and retail analytics.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is crucial in deciphering large datasets to address intricate challenges spanning cybersecurity, interpretation of complex medical information, speech recognition, and fake news detection.

Training Data Management

Effective handling of training data is essential for the performance and precision of training machine learning models. Ensure proper organization, storage, processing, and maintenance of your knowledge repository.

Machine Learning

Maximize your business’s potential with Machine Learning. Access valuable insights, optimize operations, and foster innovation through intelligent data-driven solutions.

Data Science

Data Science is the driving force behind Artificial Intelligence. Its invaluable contribution to businesses lies in its ability to analyze both structured and unstructured data using statistical and algorithmic methods, extracting actionable insights of profound significance.

Large Language Model

Identify the most suitable LLM model for your specific use case to ensure it delivers optimal performance and meets your requirements in terms of architecture, size, capabilities, and potential risks.

Custom Models

Develop enterprise-grade adaptable systems while considering both technical requirements and ethical considerations across various domains such as predictive maintenance, Audio/Video generation, chatbots and 3d Models.

Our Work
Our Pricing Models

Our service models are designed for both simplicity and adaptability. We are committed to delivering quality work within the specified timeline for all our projects, whether you choose our dedicated resource/team option or our one-off project service, which includes both development and design.


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